What is the Talbot philosophy when it comes to build quality?
We believe that a good wheel is the result of achieving the most balanced spoke tensions possible together with the highest average tension the components will allow, whilst paying particular care and attention to close tolerances in lateral and radial truth. Our wheels aim to run straight, round, and true; with exquisite balance. All wheels are repeatedly de-stressed during the build process to eliminate spoke twist.

 Novatec disc hub

What are your prices?
Prices vary depending on build, but these are some average costs per wheel:

Build labour charge – conventional spoking pattern (parts supplied by us): £25
Build labour charge – conventional spoking pattern (parts supplied by customer): £35
Build labour charge – exotic spoking pattern (parts supplied by us) £40
Build labour charge – exotic spoking pattern (parts supplied by customer) £50
Strip previously built wheel, service hub, & rebuild with new spokes £45

If you would like a more precise quote, please get in touch via our form or email justin@talbotwheelworks.co.uk.

What tools do you use?
Talbot wheelworks use Park Tools TS 2.2 truing stands with dial gauges for close tolerance work. Spoke tensions are accurately measured by the Sapim tensiometer for all Sapim builds and we have a Wheel Fanatyk digital tensiometer for all non-Sapim builds.

What are the advantages of conventional spoking versus exotic spoking patterns?
Conventional spoking patterns – these being the traditional tangential and radial spoking patterns; are the best to ensure a wheel that is robust and long lasting, especially tangential in the classic three-cross pattern. Conventional spoking is the go to for almost all serious wheel builds by professionals who know their craft. Tangential spoking has been proven over and over as the most sound basis for a build. Radial on a front rim brake only wheel – never disc or hub brake – is acceptable and has some benefits in marginal weight savings and radial stiffness due to shorter spokes; and some prefer radial’s aesthetics. Which brings us to the so-called exotic spoking patterns. These would be – of those we know of snowflake, hybrid/Spanish/crow’s foot, three-leading three-trailing, and floating sprocket.

Whilst we at Talbot Wheelworks strive to build a robust, quality build in all cases exotic spoking patterns are for aesthetics primarily. If you choose to have one of these builds and then commute a hundred to hundred and twenty miles a week, 50 odd weeks a year don’t expect them to perform the same way as a conventionally spoked wheel. And if repair of the wheel is necessary the spoking pattern complicates spoke replacement and truing making any work to be done on them very labour intensive. I would advise that you do not purchase such wheels without bearing in mind the above and they are for single-speed and or fixed gear bike with a symmetrical, non-dished rear front and rear end, rim brake only.